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Introduction To Our Brand

Our checkoff brand is much more than a logo. Our brand is the reputation we have built since 1991. It’s the culmination of all the characteristics — tangible and intangible — that makes the checkoff unique. Our brand is our messages, the look and feel of our marketing materials and how we each represent the soy farmers across the country. Every action you perform on behalf of the checkoff continually shapes our audiences’ perceptions — that’s why representing the brand consistently and properly is so important.

Theseguidelinesprovide the understanding and specifications needed to communicate with integrity and consistency. This will ensure that our reputation remains strong and that potential customers view the checkoff as a leader and a trusted partner. The guidelines within this document are designed to be used by all who produce checkoff communications. These standards do not cover every design application but do provide guidance to solve most corporate identity problems. Your thoughtful consideration of good design principles, effective communication practices and consistency across brand communicators as a whole, should augment the application of these guidelines.